Hi!! I'm Pauli!

A photo loving mama of 3 girls (#girlmamaforlifeee) and wife based out of San Diego, CA. I have a love for all things photography (obvi), camping, travel, and eating. I also recently started reading again and I'm obsessed with thrillers with major plot twists and cute romance novels. Send me any and all recs!

It actually wasn’t until after I got married that I realized I had this intense passion for photography and that it was something I wanted to do.. and thanks to my amazing husband, after 6 years of doing this on the side, I was able to quit my day job and pursue photography full timeee!! Cheers to that!!

If you hire me, what can you expect? Well, for one, lots and lots of laughter! I try not to take myself too seriously and I definitely want you to feel as comfortable as possible! Relaxed and natural movement, as opposed to stiff and staged poses. I like to catch the moments in between the poses!! Moments when you’re giggling because of something silly your partner said or the small moments when you might have even forgotten you were in the middle of a photo shoot. That’s what I’m for and that’s what I’m all about! I want to capture your LOVE in all its glory; the intimacy, the playfulness, the fun, the overall GENUINE happiness and capture that into a single moment frozen in time. 

The intimacy, the playfulness, the fun, the overall genuine happiness.

Let’s create something together.

Best  Voted San Diego Family Photographer



“Pauli is AMAZING and her work reflects just that! She turns easygoing sessions into beautiful photographs. She has captured everything from my graduation, surprise proposal, engagement pictures, and even wedding day. She makes you feel comfortable during sessions and is so easy to work with. I can’t wait to continue having Pauli capture more milestones in my family’s life and I can’t recommend her enough!”

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